What's this?

Those of us who build web apps or user interfaces for a living tend to use a lot of SVG icons, from the amazing Noun Project, OpenClipart, etc.

Those icons are often the wrong color – typically black – and it can be time-consuming to recolor them all by hand. fixes this problem in seconds. Just pick (or type) the color you want from the color selector, drag and drop your SVG files onto the box in the middle and within milliseconds you'll have your recolored SVGs ready to download.

Who made this?

It was made by Fish Percolator in the UK. You can hire us to make cool things like this for you! (And yes, I know how we spell colour over here.)

It was written in the amazing Crystal programming language and the Kemal web framework, and it uses cool JavaScript from Dropzone and Spectrum.

The fancy background image comes from GraphicsFuel.

Doesn't Noun Project already let you download SVGs in any colour?

Yes. It does now, but not when was first created (hmph). However, I find their color picker quite hard to use, and it's difficult to download multiple images at once in the same color. And of course it doesn't help you when a client sends you images in the wrong color, or with SVGs from other sources such as OpenClipart!

I've found a bug / I want to fork your project

Good news! is open source! Find the sources and the issue tracker over on GitHub.